Increase Revenue Decrease Cost

How to improve

How to improve the communication between the sale team and the administrative team?
The first ones need creativity and flexibility when they are facing the customer.
The other ones need rigor and process to fulfill the production, logistic and book-keeping requirements.
In general the small and medium enterprise have excellent computers application to manage the production, logistic and book-keeping but nearly nothing to support sale.

Why not to use new technology?

Internet is not only a tool to publish information to the world but to support application for internal use with controlled access.
What about for a sale associate using a web application to create on line his sale offer from home in place of loosing time in a traffic jam early in the morning.
What about modifying his offer in front of the customer on line and close the deal during the first visit.
What about giving to the customer the possibility to order on line for standard products and recurrent orders, use the sale associate only for particular offers where his added value is maximized.

And what about

To give visibility and access in real time to key information’s on his customer: sales statistics, delivering and payment status, last promotions...
This tool is also very useful for the general manager to have visibility on the sales, put in place his commercial strategy and make a decision applicable straight off.
The application is build to minimize the information requested to the sale associate and be sure to get all information needed by the administrative team:
Avoid duplication and missing information, get the information digitalized from the source, validate the format or the quality of the information.

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