Make the Business Easy

Order Process

A WEB application can drive the full order process between your company and your Business Partners. Any Business Partner can purchase on line, you can confirm on line. The tool can give visibility on an order status, delivery time, ... The information flow is straight digital from the beginning. Any new product or promotion are communicate in real time. Both companies use the same information source for any discussion.

Maintenance Support

Your Business Partners doesn’t necessary have the skills or the resources or the will to deliver maintenance contracts. The spare parts investment is expensive and maintain the stock up to date is time consuming. Via a WEB application, this maintenance business can be completely managed by both companies. Each company delivers the activities where their added value is maximum.

For example the Business Partner manages the relation with the end users, install the material, sell the maintenance contract and your company take care to deliver the maintenance, have a 24h by 24h call receipt, organize the spare parts shipment...

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